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Wall Stain Cleaning Made Easy: Tips on how to get rid of ugly wall stains

Wall Stain Cleaning Made Easy: Tips on how to get rid of ugly wall stains

Before the advent of Teflon® nonstick cookware, home cooks often approached omelets with some trepidation. Not only was trying to make an omelet without having it stick to the pan a challenge, trying to clean off the bits that would inevitably stick to the pan was an even bigger pain.
Then Teflon® nonstick cookware came along making omelet and the subsequent cleanup suddenly a breeze. Recently, Pacific Paints (Boysen) Philippines, Inc., the country’s leading paint company, introduced Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™, the first paint to incorporate Teflon® nonstick technology, to give relief to the many homeowners who’ve been forced to live with unsightly splotches and marks on their walls between painting jobs. Teflon® is the most slippery substance on Earth, so just as food doesn’t stick to a Teflon® frying pan, the most common household stains will also have trouble sticking to walls painted with Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™.  
Here are some tips on addressing such wall stains, and the easy clean capabilities of a house paint incorporated with Teflon® nonstick technology.
  1. I love sauce. Ketchup stains on the wall are almost unavoidable when kids and French fries are together. Unless your walls are painted in the same shade as the ketchup, these stains need to go. However, in most cases a wet rag can only lighten the shade of this stain, so people generally reach for the rough end of the Scotch Brite, and in place of the vanished ketchup stain, the wall gets a just as unappealing scuff mark.
    On a wall painted with Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™, a soft cloth, some soap and water is all that’s needed to have your walls looking like new until the next round of fries. Or, for that matter, hotdogs with mustard, dim sum with soy sauce, cheese with red wine…
  2. Mud that makes you mad. This is another common problem with the kids, this time in combination with the playground or the garden. And something that normal house paint is no match for. The best way of cleaning such stains is through rigorous brushing, but the resulting scratch marks on the wall end up just as annoying. It usually can’t be removed by simple washing, unless your walls were painted with Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™.

  3. Evil Black Soot. Black soot (or what other people call ghostings) is also a major wall stain problem faced by many households. This evil stain does not limit itself in dirtying walls but also carpets and doors. Black soot fades only if a proper tri sodium phosphate solution is applied. But not anymore, because using a paint with Teflon®, this evil stain can be treated like an ordinary wall stain.

  4. Shoe prints. This may sound weird, but in an American survey of common household stains, shoe prints were #2. Like the other four stains, this one can also be a tough cleaning job on a wall with ordinary paint. But for Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™ that incorporate the magic of Teflon®, several simple swipes, and the stain disappears.

  5. Meet Oily… Greasy fingerprint is a primary problem for most households. Not just because of kids, but adults are guilty for the oily handprints around the light switches and door knobs too. Aside from the usual toothbrush, rag and sponge, grease stain needs corn flour and paper towels to absorb the grease before the actual cleaning process. This long procedure of cleaning stain won’t be necessary with Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™.  An ordinary rag can clean up the stain instantly.
If dealing with stained walls used to be a problem, now getting rid of those ugly dirt mapping your walls could be an effortless job. With the new Teflon® technology applied into paint, these ugly stains that used to cause such pain when cleaning will be gone in few easy steps. Even a simple wet rag could make the stains disappear with a couple of swipes.
Because of the great conveniences offered by Teflon non stick cookware, the majority of  all pots and pans sold today are nonstick pans. With the many advantages homeowners can derive from the first paint with Teflon® technology, Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™, it will be matter of time before it becomes the standard by which all paints will be judged by.
Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™ is a product of Pacific Paint (Boysen) Philippines, Inc. Visit any DIY stores to experience this great paint innovation.

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