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Painting Tips

Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

What is the secret to a beautiful and long lasting paint job? Aside of course from the quality of paint you use, the surface preparation is the key to a successful paint job. The following should be followed for surface preparation to get the most out of your paints.

New Masonry

  1. Let new masonry dry for 14 to 28 days.
  2. Apply Boysen Masonry Neutralizer #44 (1 part : 16 parts water) by brush.
  3. Let dry overnight.
  4. Sand surface to remove white crystals before painting.

Masonry Repainting

  1. Remove loose and scaling paint.
  2. For chalking old latex paint, use Boysen Masonry Surface Conditioner #304.
  3. Treat any mould or fungus infestation with a fungicidal wash solution or household bleach solution (1:3) before painting.


  1. Use only kiln dried (12 % moisture ) wood.
  2. If wood is stained, seal using Boysen Sanding Sealer #1254.
  3. Sand rough wood until smooth.
  4. Countersink nailheads for putty application.
  5. Dust off surfaces completely and wipe with clean rag.

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