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Architect says 'OK' to paint innovation

Architect says 'OK' to paint innovation

Boysen recently introduced its newest innovation to the members of the United Arcitects of Philippines (UAP) during the organization's 32nd National Convention. Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™ is the first architectural pain to incorporate Teflon® surface protector, an innovation of DuPont®. The only paint that combine the advantages of flat and gloss paints with its low sheen finish and easy clean feature, this innovation from Boysen sets the new gold standard in paint. "Innovations are always advantageous to the industry," said UAP president, Edric Florentino. "We are welcoming them because through these new products, we provide the users with better alternatives." Architect Ka Kuen T. Chua, head of the UAP-organized Convention and Construction Exposition (CONEX) said: "Architects always want to try something new. We always look for something innovative to introduce to the market. This new innovation from Boysen is very impressive. It shows that the industry is adapting to the needs of times." Before Virtuoso Silk Touch™, decorating professionals and homeowners only has limited options: to use paints that look good but are difficult to clean or utilize a cleanable paint that doesn't look well on the wall. "We were wondering if there is a coating that can be easily cleaned by just wiping the surface with cloth. We were looking for a product that will not require people to keep repainting," said Arch. Mike Carpio, Dean of Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts of the Far Eastern University. "With this product, the requirements for easy maintenance and value of products are addressed." The architects are unanimous in saying that the modern Filipino consumers are willing to pay for value. Arch. Michael Ang, a member of UAP's SOCSARGEN chapter said: "People are willing to spend for a product that delivers on its promise."

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