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Boysen executive explains Virtuoso Silk Touch? odor-less paint

Boysen executive explains Virtuoso Silk Touch™ odor-less paint

Even though the majority of interior paint applied today is water-based latex paints, few realized the water-based paint still contains some solvents called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs that help give the paint its consistency and texture when wet. As the paint dries, the solvents evaporate into the air, giving off that new paint smell that can be potentially unhealthy, especially for pregnant women, small children, and those with allergies. This increasing awareness about indoor air quality led Boysen Paints to make sure that it's newest product Virtuoso Silk Touch™ would set the benchmark for safety and compliance with environmental standards. Virtuoso Silk Touch™ is not almost odor-less, but has lower VOC levels than the strictest limits set by the US and European standards. "We designed Virtuoso™ to be the best interior paint in the market, so aside from its superior performance properties, we made sure it would set the standard in safety and environmental friendliness," said Johnson Ongking, vice president of Pacific Paints (Boysen) Philippines, Inc. "Even though there are no VOC regulations in the Philippines, we used the latest paint technology available to keep the VOC content in Virtuoso™ as low as possible." Like all Boysen water-based products Virtuoso Silk Touch™ is lead free. This allows the people to safely use their painted areas right away. The low VOC of Virtuoso™ makes it ideal for people who want to use their painted areas as soon as possible. Several hotels, restaurants, and spas, as well as schools and offices, have been among the first to use Virtuoso Silk Touch™ because of this feature. Another distinctive feature of the product is its unique incorporation of Teflon non-stick technology, which is the first paint to combine the visual elegance of flat paints and the easy-clean feature of gloss paints. "Virtuoso™ continues the long tradition of Boysen being a pioneer in environmentally-friendly technologies, not just on the country but in Southeast Asia," said Ongking. "It's the ideal paint for the family both during and after application because of its low VOC. It is still the best choice long after, because you can easily clean off those common stains that are unavoidable whenever you have kids in the house." Pacific Paint (Boysen) Philippines, Inc. recently became the first Filipino paint company to be awarded use of the Responsible Care logo, the global chemical industry's voluntary initiative to continuously improve their heath, safety and environmental performance. Boysen was also awarded Reader's Digest 2006 Trusted Brand Platinum Status, one of only 3 paint brands in Asia Pacific to receive this prestigious award.

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