Virtuoso Silk Touch

  • Teflon
  • Microban
  • Trusted Brand 2013


How does the teflon in Virtuoso? Silk Touch? work?

How does the teflon in Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™ work?

Achieving an elegant matte finish without compromising cleanability has always been a dilemma for designers. Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™ finally solves this long standing problem by:

  • Teflon® provides a seal of protection against soil and other stains. If the stain can't soak in, it stays on the surface and is easy to remove.
  • Teflon® molecules continually migrate to the surface; when some begin to wear, more Teflon® migrates to the surface to continue working.
  • As a result, Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™ maintains its attractive, rich-looking finish even after many cleaning cycles unlike ordinary paints that leave shiny patches

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